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China HQ:
Room 410, Building 5, Jingzhuang Business Centre, No. 23 Huashen Avenue, Yuhua District, Nanjing P.R.China, 210012
Tel: +86(25)85657178/+86(25)85657179
Fax: 4008266163ext.16993
mail:hill.yang@jslga.com / hr@jslga.com

Japan office:
Miki Building 9F,
2-12-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 150-0002
Mail: info@JSLGA-japan.com

Global Outlook
& Rich Experience
Training Importance
& Investment Willingness
Emphasized Workflow
& Standardized Management
Dedication to Primary Business
& Provision of Long-term Services
JSLGA's management team possesses profound experience of direct contact with international clients; its operating team has extensive experience in international project management; and, its technical team has a strong capacity for deploying and using internationally advanced auxiliary software for language services. JSLGA has a number of full-time foreign colleagues, returnees who studied and lived abroad for many years, and many language talents that come from different fields with different knowledge backgrounds.
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JSLGA always has its own unique understanding of training:
(1) Training is an "engine" for enterprises to achieve and maintain sustainable competitiveness. It is a type of investment, not a cost;
(2) Training is a payment to increase our employees' competitiveness and is also an effective means to improve an enterprise's competitiveness and customers' satisfaction;
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To a great extent, modern enterprise management is the management of all business processes. Normal operation and management of enterprises can be ensured only when all the business processes are effective and can operate at high-speed. Therefore, how to enable all the business processes of an enterprise to reach their best performance is an important task in business management. Since its inception, JSLGA has emphasized the standardization of processes and systems and their scientific management, regardless of translation work, administrative matters, or customer service.
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JSLGA specializes in language services, as well as additionally providing semi publication services, semi software outsourcing services, language assets management consulting services, language training services and other services closely related to language services. It dedicates itself to developing teams that meet the demands of customers language needs, customizing language service processes that satisfy customers requirements and providing customers with integrated language service programs,
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