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GE (General Electric) can be traced back to the light company founded by Thomas Edison in 1878.
GM (General Motors) was founded by William C Durant in 1908.
JSLGA (JiangSu LanguAge) was founded in 2008. Its future will be created together by all the members of JSLGA.

JSLGA dedicates itself to developing as an academic, professional, standardized and scale-intensive outsourcing provider for integrated language & information services. During its development process, JSLGA will always adhere to the following philosophies and try its best to build a corporate culture with its own characteristics based on these philosophies.

  • Conception of Work
    1) Total involvement: On the basis of a clear division of labor and fulfilling their distinctive functions, the managers, translators and operating supporters of JSLGA completely involve themselves in customer service. Each role and process in JSLGA is very important to the quality of client service: the translators are responsible for producing high-quality translated text; the middle-level managers are responsible for coordinating internal and external resources; the operating supporters are responsible for providing strong support for other departments in JSLGA to increase the efficiency of each department; the senior managers are the executors of specific affairs, and each management level is aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction. All the members’ work coalesces into an organic, process-oriented division of labor.
    2) Customer first: Take customer satisfaction as the basic guide, and take offering the best service for clients as the goal. Take the philosophy of “customer first” and make it seep in each work procedure. In the specific workflow, the previous process creates conditions for the next process. They carry on from one to another and form an overall pushing mechanism intended to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Conception of Communication
    1) Equal communication: Encourage all the colleagues of JSLGA to call each other by their Chinese names or English names directly to build an atmosphere of equal communication and weaken potential communication barriers brought by status difference. Everyone has the opportunity to express his or her opinion, and different opinions will be treated equally.
    2) Adequate communication: Encourage the staff to express opinions completely on different occasions (such as the routine meetings, project meetings and workshops); create various kinds of communication opportunities and communication methods for the staff; show and demonstrate different opinions and perspectives completely to achieve the barrier-free, efficient and adequate communication.
  • Conception of Loyalty
    1) Full trust: JSLGA has complete faith in each staff member and gives them the right to know. It allows the staff to know specific clients and related project information and allows some of the staff to have direct communication with clients while doing projects. We believe that only by having complete faith in the staff, can the staff fulfill their own responsibilities more positively. Thus, JSLGA can improve its overall service capacity and then provide more high-quality services for clients.
    2) Effective mechanism: JSLGA encourages the staff to be loyal to a positive mechanism, but not be loyal to one enterprise simply and blindly. JSLGA provides an employee-friendly work environment, systematic training and fair promotion system for the staff. It creates a positive interactive mechanism for personal development and corporate growth.
  • Conception of Success
    1) Individual success: JSLGA always focuses on the growth and development of the staff and helps the staff to make career development planning. JSLGA tries its best to make the staff knowledgeable, able and successful in the industry. We clearly understand that an excellent staff is the enterprise's greatest asset. The individual success of the staff is essential to the enterprise's success.
    2) Industrial success: JSLGA always focuses on the trends of the industry and takes an active part in industry events. It strives to promote industrial development, and it closely connects development to the development of the language services industry itself. Because we are well aware that only when the whole industry makes healthy and orderly development, can the enterprises in the industry get positive development and real success.

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