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For business orientation, JSLGA aims to provide steady and high-quality language services for clients by improving the efficiency of the language services through the use of advanced and systematic CAT technologies and improving the quality of language services through a standardized and strict work flow. Based on this orientation, JSLGA expands itself towards those information and consultation services closely related to language services, and exerts its best efforts to develop itself into a scale-intensive, standardized, professional and academic outsourcing provider of integrated language & information services.

The language services provided by JSLGA include Engineering & Technology Translation, Localization & Internationalization, Patent & Law Translation, Media & News Translation, Technical Writing (Drafting) & Transcreation, and Interpretation. With its scale-intensive multi-language translation team, powerful IT background and international team operation mode, JSLGA also provides value-added information services for clients, including Information Retrieval, Semi Publication Information Services and Semi Software Outsourcing Services. Moreover, by offering consulting services on relevant industries, JSLGA provides services for enterprises involved in the language industry, such as Enterprise’s Language Assets Management Consulting Services, Business and Management Communications Consulting Services and Language Training & Club.

For the purpose of intuitive understanding of the above-mentioned business orientation, it is classified as follows in the form of “6+3+3”:

A1 Engineering & Technology Translation Services
A2 Localization & Globalization Services
A3 Patent & Law Translation Services
A4 Media & News Translation Services
A5 Technical Writing (Drafting) & Transcreation Services
A6 Interpretation Services

B1 Semi Software Outsourcing Services
B2 Semi Publication Information Services
B3 Information Searching & Alerts

C1 Enterprise’s Language Assets Management Consulting Services
C2 Business and Management Communications Consulting Services
C3 Language Training & Club

A1 Engineering & Technology Translation Services: It aims to provide standardized or customized language services for enterprises or institutions to meet their language conversion demands in terms of engineering, technology and specifications involved in business activities, so that the clients can specialize in engineering and technology without wasting their energy on language. The service objects include but are not limited to technical manuals, technical specifications, technical bidding documents, architectural drawings and other relevant materials.

A2 Localization & Globalization Services: Through the industrial advanced technology and process of TMS (Translation Management Systems) and GMS (Globalization Management System), it aims to provide services with respect to engineering, translation, typesetting and testing for enterprise clients planning to enter the local market or expand into the international market, so as to meet their conversion or adjustment demands in terms of language, culture or functions of products or services. The service objects include the localization and globalization services of software, websites, documents, etc.

A3 Patent & Law Translation Services: It aims to provide translation services in terms of patent specifications, patent claims, contract documents and other relevant documents for agencies or other enterprises in the industries of intellectual property rights and law, so as to meet their demands for patent documentation translation, legal text translation, etc.

A4 Media & News Translation Services: It aims to provide news and book translation services as well as relevant introduction, publishing and consulting services for enterprises in the media, publication and cultural fields, so as to meet their demands for multi-language issuance and publishing as well as the introduction of foreign publications and cultures.

A5 Technical Writing (Drafting) & Transcreation Services: It aims to provide brand new creation or transcreation services for clients based on the brief thoughts, drawings, planning framework and other information provided by them, so that the newly created or transcreated documents and/or schemes can comply with the requirements of specific countries (regions) and specific target audiences.

A6 Interpretation Services: It aims to customize and provide personalized live interpretation services for enterprises or institutions, so as to meet their demands for language services in international cross-cultural communications, including international conferences, workshops, visits, exhibitions, business talks, etc.

B1 Semi Software Outsourcing Services: Through JSLGA’s language service capabilities, it aims to provide services similar to software outsourcing services for the companies which have entrusted JSLGA with software localization & globalization services, which have demands for software localization & globalization services, or which are involved in the software localization & globalization services with multi-language conversion.

B2 Semi Publication Information Services: It aims to provide language services involved in the publication and/or issuance by cooperating with these organizations and taking advantage of JSLGA’s language service capabilities. It also provides the whole set of services including planning, design, language, translation, print, marketing and publication for the presswork publication/issuance businesses without copy numbers.

B3 Information Searching & Alerts: It aims to provide commercial information collection, sorting and systematization services for all kinds of information and intelligence agencies, law offices, patent agencies, trademark agencies, enterprises, and scientific research institutions by taking advantage of JSLGA’s language service capabilities. The information involved includes but is not limited to all or part of the following data: patent information searching for specific products/industries, academic conferences of specific products/industries, academic papers on specific products/industries, and manufacturing and environmental techniques of specific products/industries.

C1 Enterprise’s Language Assets Management Consulting Services: When enterprise clients carry out activities related to enterprise equipment, technologies and patent rights in foreign operation management, those descriptive documents related to enterprise equipment, technologies and patent rights need to be converted into different languages before and after they are introduced. The introduction process is periodic, continuous or with high costs and is very important to the operation management of the enterprises. In view of these factors, JSLGA provides scientific and systematic language assets (the reason why these assets are called language assets is that these assets can be applied in enterprise operation management and they are intangible assets in the form of language) management services for these enterprise clients by taking advantage of JSLGA’s rich experience in the management of language projects and experience in international operation modes.

C2 Business and Management Communications Consulting Services: It aims to provide management communication consulting services that conform to international standards and industrial standards for enterprise clients in terms of standardizing management and improving efficiency. At the same time, it creates benefits by taking advantage of JSLGA’s multi-language resources and experience on international operation modes to meet the enterprise clients’ demands on improving their efficiency on business communications and achieving specific effects when carrying out trans-national/trans-regional multi-language communications in foreign business activities.

C3 Language Training & Club: It aims to analyze the current language capability of enterprises, institutions and government departments and provide customized, flexible and practical language training for them in the form of Swim-in by taking advantage of JSLGA’s multi-language resources and full-time foreign employees, so as to improve the integrated language capability of target audience.

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