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In the autumn of 2008, a surge of “cold current” swept through the world, and the phrase "economic crisis" frequently appeared on the front pages of major news media. With staff reduced and salaries decreased, Wall Street entered the “winter” early. The massive lay-offs and constantly shrinking business of major multinational groups told us that the “cold current” had truly arrived. This economic crisis had even made an appearance in China, whose reaction relatively lagged. How should the rising language and information service industry struggle with this crisis?

JiangSu LanguAge Information Technology Services Co., Ltd. (“JSLGA” for short) was established in August 2008 during the outbreak of the global economic crisis. Just at that time, the 18th FIT World Congress was also held in China. The co-founders of JSLGA decided to look for business opportunities in the crisis. JSLGA is young but experienced. Though it is a short time since JSLGA was established, its co-founders have over 10 years of industrial experience, and the members of its core working team have an average of over 5 years of working experience in the translation industry.

Since its inception, JSLGA has internally united a group of mid-level and high-level management talents and a variety of professional and technical translators who have great enthusiasm and professionalism for the cause of language service. By using a comprehensive training system and a strict quality system, JSLGA has set up a team of high-quality youthful talents, who have both strong industry knowledge and rich practical experience in translation. They are the backbones of JSLGA and valuable intellectual assets for JSLGA's sustainable, rapid and healthy future development.

Externally, JSLGA has been keeping close contact and communication with clients. On one hand, we enhance communication on project operation, optimize project coordination with clients, and understand clients’ requirements in depth to ensure the quality of deliveries; on the other hand, we strengthen the communication on cooperation and development, understand the opportunities and challenges faced by the industry from the clients’ point of view, and develop together with clients. JSLGA's great enthusiasm for the cause of language service and positive attitude toward clients and partners have won its good reputation among many clients and partners.

In the spring of 2010, after one and a half years of fast and stable development, JSLGA settled in a Class A office building located in the CBD of Nanjing, with a brand new team lineup. JSLGA is surrounded by an elegant and beautiful environment and is very close to public transport. JSLGA’s modern office facilities, coupled with clean and elegant decoration, constitute a very unique office environment for more than 100 colleagues.

In the future, based on in-depth analysis of the current status of the language service industry and unique insight about its future development, the core team of JSLGA will boldly use innovative modes of marketing, project management and personnel training to take the standardization of the language service industry as its responsibility, aiming to develop together with clients and make healthy, orderly and sustainable progress with all our colleagues, so as to become an academic, professional, standardized and scale-intensive outsourcing provider of integrated language & information services.

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